MMS Day 1

Brad Anderson started the keynote half an hour late because they lost the internet and therefore couldn’t do and demos but they got it sorted out with their nokia mobile phones.

Brad talked a lot about the benefits of running Hyper-V compared to the “other guys” and said that customers are installing 64 node clusters to support 8000 VMs. Microsoft has tested an exchange installation  in a single hyper-v server hosting 48000 mailboxes.

Dominos Pizza showed a video showing their environment. They have 5000 locations and 3 servers in every location so a total of 15000 Vms. They have 2 administrators managing all of their servers with system center 2012.

Storage for most companies are doubled in every 24 months. Storage is for most companies a large part of their IT budget. Windows server 2012 supports D-dup and DAS to save space and to support more cost efficient disk.

Smb multichannel and smb direct gives the same iops in a vm as a SAN attached vm in a live demo.

The next thing Brad talked about was the benefits of integrating intunes with sccm. Now you can manage all you’re mobile devices from the cloud and give the users an easy way of installing corporate approved applications. Manage your devices where they are.

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